Management Biographies

Our professionals are why Kugman Partners has a strong reputation and is well respected in the industry. They are also why our clients consistently achieve the best possible outcomes for their unique situation.

Kugman Partners’ seasoned professional staff uses their extensive business experience and hands-on approach to deliver strong results, on time and within a rational budget.

Every professional is skilled in problem resolution, helping clients regain a high level of credibility and strategically working with all stakeholders to negotiate a demanding time. They have years of experience helping re-establish the value of a company and its core competencies.

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Brent Kugman President and CEO of Kugman Partners
Trevor Toppen is Managing Director of Kugman Partners Corporate Advisory Firm
Douglas Brann Managing Director of Kugman Partners
Douglas Brann Managing Director of Kugman Partners
Alvin Carter Jr Executive Director and Managing Partner of Kugman Partners

Guiding Successful Outcomes.

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