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Trevor Toppen

Managing Director

For 20 years, Trevor Toppen has acted as an on-site business advisor for existing management teams, supporting operations and financial performance improvement and turnaround initiatives. He specializes in accounting and related operations management consulting, including sourcing of capital, implementation of related operations, management consulting, process redesign, and supply chain management. Trevor has a strong record of helping clients realize tangible savings and maintain liquidity goals through process redesign and improved profitability.

Before joining Kugman Partners, Trevor was Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for an international manufacturer and distributor of lawn décor lines, with offices in the United States, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. He reshaped the company’s large, fixed overhead structure, its excessive inventory positions and related debt levels. He also shifted the company’s design efforts to product lines with sustainable competitive advantage. In addition, Trevor was president of a consortium of middle market gourmet food manufacturers. He led the company in two profitable acquisitions, which resulted in doubling the company’s revenues and providing significant economic growth and return to the parent company.

Trevor is a C.P.A. and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting with honors from Michigan State University.


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