Kugman Partners will invest in select scenarios, providing the capitalization and strategy to facilitate the achievement of specific goals, such as restructuring, expansion, or continuity of business.  Kugman Partners is positioned to invest in the following situations:

Purchase of loans and secured positions in stressed and distressed assets
Purchase of commercial fin-tech portfolios
Purchase of stressed and distressed assets – going concerns and liquidations
Non-strategic purchaser of assets or stock
  • Orphaned subsidiaries of parent companies
  • Non-core divisions of parent companies
  • Companies without succession strategy
  • Corporate carve-outs
  • Undermanaged portfolio companies
Friendly investment or purchaser of stable or traditional family businesses
Focus on businesses with revenues between $20-200 million, with our vast experience allowing us to explore prospects in virtually any industry

Guiding Successful Outcomes.

It's what we do best.  Let us help you develop a strategy to reach your goals.