Variance Advisory Services™

Redefining performance-based services.  Safeguarding a company’s future is a challenge in any business environment. With the right partner involved, confronting the challenges of today will create opportunities for future growth.

Kugman Partners works with companies to enhance value using a performance-based service called Variance Advisory Services (VAS)®. We use our proprietary method to assist our clients in enhancing and fortifying their balance sheet. Our tools are designed to increase levels of EBITDA and lean out processes that drive improved liquidity and profitability to the bottom line, thereby allowing management to refine and improve on operational and financial projections. Our tactical and technical approach allows us to work with you to develop strategic solutions to protect and preserve your business in any economy.

The results of Variance Advisory Services® can produce substantial savings and create value for the company and other parties involved while strengthening the balance sheet. VAS utilizes a performance-based fee model that allows Kugman Partners to align with our clients’ interests and provide a customized service. As your strategic partner, we deliver the most cost effective and expedient outcome for all parties involved.

Kugman Partners has extensive experience in supporting companies involved in special situations, finding creative solutions and negotiating these transactions diplomatically by taking a hands-on approach to any problem.

Hire a partner, not just an advisor.

Guiding Successful Outcomes.

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